Off Quiberon, discover a breathtaking island

Easy to reach from Quiberon by boat

Pointe des Poulains and its famous lighthouse, Sarah Bernhardt museum (she was a famous French actress), nice beaches (Donnant for instance) and the coastal paths... if you've planned a day trip in Belle Ile, you can't miss these sites. We highly recommend a early departure from Quiberon to enjoy the whole beautyness of this island. Quiberon is a 30 minutes drive from the campsite. The road can be very busy later in the day during the summer. Further information at


Sauzon owes its name to the presence of Saxons on its shores once the Romans had withdrawn. Its harbour is well sheltered from the prevailing winds and, for a long time, fishing was the predominant industry. The first fish canneries were built there in 1843 and Sauzon still has a few fishermen, mainly engaged in pot fishing (lobster, spiny lobster and crab). These days, it is developing a thriving marina. Apart from the village itself and its attractive narrow streets, popular spots with visitors include the Pointe des Poulains and Sarah Bernhardt’s holiday house, the Jean and Jeanne twin menhirs and Donnant beach.

Le Palais

Le Palais is the administrative and economic hub of the island. It is the smallest of the four townships, but has the highest population: over 2,500. The imposing citadel built by Vauban overlooks its harbour, which is the main gateway for both freight and passenger links with the mainland. Thanks to its strategic location, Le Palais has a legacy of historic military architecture that is unrivalled in France. Its fortified compound houses an open-air walkway that is not only enjoyable but also instructive, leading through a variety of trees including elms, acacias, ash, holm oaks, willows and chestnuts.

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