Preparing your camping holiday in Brittany

Whether camping or renting a mobile home/chalet, the holidays are being prepared...

We all have very different ways of preparing our holidays. Naturally anxious people will check about 30 times if they have not forgotten anything... On the other hand, "cool" departures can lead to very unpleasant situations (it is you who took the tickets and passports?............ No answer..... I thought it was you?!!!).

To avoid one or the other of these situations, we draw up a list of little things to remember, those that you can easily forget and find on the spot... In short, a small check list (not exhaustive) before leaving for the holidays. If you wish, you can also create your own checklist easily by following this link:


Depending on your mode of transport, the preparations are not exactly the same. By car, remember to refuel before leaving, check the tyre pressure and program the address of the campsite (Camping Le Moustoir Route du Moustoir 56340 Carnac) on the GPS. Always keep a little space in the trunk in the things you may need on top, easily reachable without twisting! The breaks recommended by road safety must be respected in order to maintain 100% of its ability to react when the time comes.

By train, always take a little margin (traffic jam, last minute forgetfulness...) so you don't have to run to the station but rather have time to drink a small coffee/chocolate/tea on the spot before going on holiday with a smile! By plane, the airlines always recommend an hourly margin in the same case or, for the same reasons as the train. It is always more pleasant to have time to drink a hot drink before leaving than to have to run in the airport lobby with the suitcase that starts opening and sows personal belongings....which were well noted on the checklist though!

Don't forget the tickets (electronic if the airport has a reader...) as well as your identity papers (duplicates of which you will have made, stored in a place other than your handbag/pockets!!

Not to be forgotten!

It is always unpleasant, after having crossed the whole of France, to realize that you forgot to close a window/cut off the gas/ turn off the lights! Given the length of your trip, it is best to take the time to do your final checks so that you can leave with complete freedom of thought.

Have you thought about taking each family member's identity papers, health cards and driving licences? Payment methods are also important. Remember to always have at least two operational credit cards with you at all times. In case of loss / theft, holidays can quickly become unpleasant (depending on the destination). The same is true for the car. Indeed, it is preferable to have a copy of the car with you for the same reasons mentioned above. Staying in France allows you to avoid many possible inconveniences (but which are part of the trip, some will say) when travelling abroad...language barrier, loss or theft of passport...etc

Possible omissions !

Despite all the precautions you take when preparing for your holiday, you may forget some things. For example, the booking documents are not required when you arrive at the campsite. The grocery store is open every day from 8am to 1pm and then from 3pm to 7pm so even if you have forgotten the salt, coffee or if you want to help yourself, there will be a solution (in the refrigerated window, you will find a creamery section with yoghurts, butter, fresh cream, ham, bacon, cheese, cold drinks...).

It is preferable to have your pet's vaccination record, but you will not be asked at the campsite.

If you have forgotten the sheets, we rent some directly at the reception. We provide you with a free Internet terminal. If you need to print documents, do not hesitate to ask a member of the team at the reception desk (free service....within reason) In any case, do not hesitate to come to the reception if you need help in any area.

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