Fishing in Brittany around Carnac

Fish, shellfish and crustaceans are within reach...


To attack the sandbanks and rocks, bring a good windbreaker, a pair of boots and a rake or other depending on the species you are looking for. A bucket to store everything you pick up and a rule to make sure that the size of what you pick up is correct. Indeed, it is not a question of picking up everything and anything without paying attention to the size of the catches. In order to fish for a long time to come, it is necessary to fish reasonably, i.e. just to make one or two good meals or aperitifs. It would be a shame to throw away part of your harvest!

Where and When ?

Around the campsite, the two main areas for amateurs and experienced fishermen are the Men Du beach and the Penthièvre peninsula (bay side). These two beaches have the huge advantage (especially for the Men Du) of having a very gentle slope. The sea then retreats very far away during high tides. From coefficients of 80/85, you can make beautiful fishing in these areas. Remember to check the tide times at the reception desk and the weather of the day.

What species ?

What species can be collected on the Breton coast? Many species hide on the coast in Carnac and in the region! Hulls, clams, wild oysters (be careful not to pick them up in the parks.....), mussels, curries, periwinkles and many others. It is a fabulous ecosystem that is before our eyes and can be revealed if we adopt the right actions and learn to spot the signs of the desired species. To do this, do not hesitate to ask your neighbours or stop by the reception desk. A Breton is never stingy with advice if it is asked for with a big smile!

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