Paddle rental at the campsite

Stand up paddling along the river, in front of camping Le Lac

Brought from Hawai and its famous watermen (Kai Lenny, Robby Naish and others...), this very trending water sport is now available at Camping Le Lac in Carnac. You can practice stand up paddle on the sea, surfing on small or huge waves but also ride along the river, in a more "riding around" way. And it's quite easy to ride when the sea is flat!!

Price list

Stand up paddle rental is 12 euros for a 2 hours session. You shall wear your swimming costume. We lend wetsuits and provide you with the board, leash and paddle to speed up. Water in this area is around 18°C.

Useful information

Don't forget to book in advance to make sure you can have the boards available. At the reception, our staff will answer your questions. You can book both kayak and stand up paddle in order to share different feelings along the river....and big fun!! The boards are quite big so it may be easier than surfing on a very thin surfboard on water moving all the time!

Availabilities :
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Availabilities and booking
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