Riding a gyropode by segway in the campsite

New trending and fun activity

The PT works via an exclusive system of very sophisticated gyroscopes and sensors that ensures perfect balance when stopped or while moving, without the user having to do anything. Tracing the mechanism of walking, the PT reacts instantly to an inclination of the body. Lean forward to advance and lean back to slow down... And to steer, just turn the frame. This unique operating principle guarantees the surprising security and exceptional maneuverability of the PT.

Price list

Price is 17 euros for a 30 minutes training lesson. Accompanied by our monitor, you always stay in the campsite during the tour. Depending on the level, the monitor will offer different exercises. You shall wear comfortable shoes and pants (please avoid flip-flops and swimming costume!). You should follow the advice of the instructor carefully.

Useful advice

You can book this activity at the reception. We can't accept more than 8 persons so don't forget to book in advance. Children under 10 can't do this activity due to safety reasons. Our activities/leisure schedule is at your disposal at the reception or onthe board in front of the restaurant.

Availabilities :
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Availabilities and booking
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