Quiberon peninsula

Wild coast, harbour and sandy beaches

The Quiberon bay is a proper paradise for sailing enthusiasts from all over the world. The Quiberon peninsula is one of the highlights of your stay in Carnac. Wild coast, small fishing ports and harbours from which you can depart to the islands of the bay, less than an hour away (Belle Île, Houat and Hoëdic).

Wild Coast

You can go hiking along the coast... The amazing Quiberon wild coast offers beautiful harsh landscapes, a bit similar to those found in the english region of Cornwall. The wild coast landscapes vary all year long, becoming quite impressive during winter when powerful winds and storms bring crashing waves to the shore, and coming back to a mild climate during spring. However don't be fooled by the apparent lack of sun in these parts, the first sunburn might suprise you !

Harbours of Quiberon

The sardine have been fished for centuries in the waters of the Quiberon Bay. The arrival of the railway in 1882 meant the product could be distributed all over the country. The sardines disappeared from the coast for a few years, reappearing in 1909. New canneries opened and prospered. In 1956, Quiberon became the busiest sardine port in France with 13 canneries. Only two remain today, offering high-quality products and genuinely creative ideas. You can visit "La Quiberonnaise" and "la Belle Iloise" canneries.

Historical heritage

We could talk to you about the nice beaches of the bay, but you won't have to go that far thanks to the many sheltered beaches in Carnac. Let's rather talk about the vast historical heritage Quiberon. The castle of Turpault, the Ragot washhouse, the Locmaria tower, the old villas on the long avenue bordering the beach of Quiberon, megaliths near the restaurant "le Vivier"... Find more information by visiting the website of the Quiberon tourist office at www.quiberon.com