menhir hiver neige

Are you wondering what you can do in Carnac during the winter ? Camping le Moustoir is willing to give you a few ideas while you wait for summer to come.

5 ideas to make the most of winter in Carnac

You’re going to have to wear gloves and a wooly hat for our first proposition, a sea-side getaway. Here are 5 activities to discover Carnac in the Winter.

Go walking on Carnac’s desert beaches

In the winter, Carnac’s beaches, who are 5km away from the campsite, are always changing color. The scenery becomes wilder and the big stretches of sand beaten by the wind are near desert-like. The sky and the sea become indistinguishable, the coast has blue, grey, silver reflections, making for a completely different atmosphere. You will be able to enjoy a short but energizing stroll on the beach, occasionally picking up some driftwood or shells,  admiring the windsurfers or the birds flying above the sea.

Enjoy a day in Carnac’s spa resort to boost your energy levels.

The sun is missing, your energy is low, you can’t bear the cold weather anymore... During winter, the need to unwind a little is urging. The make it through the winter and to help you patiently wait for your next holidays in Camping Le Moustoir, switch to your cocooning mode and choose to spend a day in Carnac’s spa resort. It’s the perfect sea-side winter break to enjoy the smoothness of the sea breeze in south Brittany and boost your energy levels to make it through the winter.

Discover Carnac’s standing stones without the summer crowds

What if you visited Carnac’s famous standing stones this winter ? Indeed, you will feel like the place is yours there are so few visitors in the winter. Also, the stones have free access from October to March (during the summer, the visits can only be done with a guide). You will be able to discover freely the legendary 7000 year old rocks, the dolmen, the tumulus and other sacred stones that make up this unique spot in Europe. Pedestrian paths will allow you to extend your walk to the historic sites that are Le Ménec and Kermanio.

Walk around Carnac wrapped up in your warm coat.

Why don’t you enjoy the winter, wrap up in some warm clothes and go discover de pedestrian walks around Carnac. The “circuit du chemin de messe de Saint Colomban” (9km) starts Place de l’Eglise and goes straight on to the sea-side and the sentier des douaniers. On your way, you will be able to admire the Saint Colomban village and it’s 16th century fountain, l’Anse du Pô, starting point of oyster farming in south Morbihan. If you continue along the Ty Bihan and Légenèse beaches, you will arrive in front of the Yacht Club and the nautical base. It’s the perfect way to (re)discover Carnac during the Winter !

Surf South Brittany’s waves... It’s not that cold !

During this period of the year, a lot of wind and waves are to be expected on South Brittany’s coast ! Around Carnac, surfing spots are very frequent, and the 12 degree water doesn't scare the surfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts, who willingly enjoy the weather conditions. The campsite’s advice ? Choose a quality 4/3 or 5/3 wetsuit. If you are considering taking your first surfing class, you will have to wait for the opening of the surf school in March.

Holiday season is coming quickly... are you still asking yourself what to cook for Christmas Eve? Fortunately, Camping Le Moustoir has a few ideas for your Christmas meal, inspired by the south of Brittany, but not only...

A Christmas Eve meal inspired by our region, Brittany, but not only

The Christmas countdown has started ! If you lack inspiration, we have a few last minute ideas to create a marvelous Christmas meal and invite your guest on a culinary trip. Let’s find out what the Brittany-inspired menu is, and what local and foreign flavors it mixes.

For starters, a scallop carpaccio.

Scallop meat is always one of the most important dishes of the menu when served, in Carnac or in the whole of South Brittany. At Camping Le Moustoir, scallop from Quiberon is one of our favorite dishes, it’s a region treasure and a connaisseur head-turner because of its size and tender flesh. For Christmas, we have decided to cook a scallop carpaccio flavored with lemon and vanilla. A delicious mix of flavors from Brittany and Madagascar, this between sea and earth recipe is very easy to make and not very calorific. Which is rare during the Christmas period !

For the main course, a roasted lobster cooked with Kari Gosse butter

This year, invite your guests on a culinary trip from Brittany to India with a roasted lobster cooked with Kari Gosse butter. Kari Gosse butter is like a Breton curry. Inspired by the times of the East India Company, this spice mix (turmeric, ginger, clove, cinnamon, pepper... the rest of it is still a secret !) was invented in the 19th century by Mr. Gosse, a pharmacist from Auray, in the Morbihan. It still can be bought in pharmacies in Auray and Lorient !

For dessert, a salted butter caramel tiramisu and Breton biscuits

What if you table wasn't composed of the traditional Christmas cake this year ? If you love Brittany and the fine flavors of Italy, then you will like our salted butter caramel tiramisu and Breton biscuits, two essential items of Morbihan’s cuisine. Very easy and quick to make (about 15 minutes if know your way around a kitchen), this tiramisu will be the star of the menu with hot caramelized apples. A true delight !

Carnac Standing stones
Carnac Standing stones

Will Carnac’s standing stones be decorated with Christmas lights in December? Find out by reading what is planned for the end-of year festivities this December in Carnac.

Carnac is getting ready to celebrate Christmas !

Carnac beach
Carnac beach

Camping**** Le Moustoir is pleased to announce the creation of its very first blog ! 

It will be all about your holiday in Brittany : plenty of ideas for family trips, visits and activities, as well as outdoor or sports activities, culture and history, and food and drink. Everything you need to prepare your stay in Carnac and ideas for discovering the Morbihan area of Brittany.

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