Quiberon peninsula

Wild coast, harbour and sandy beaches

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Wild coast

Go hiking along the coast...amazing wild coast with harsh landscapes a bit similar to Cornwall English ones. All year long, it's got a very different shape as it can be impressive at winte rtime when winds and storms are powerful and some sea-foam is brought upon the roads along the shore. During spring-time, nature is awakening (flowers...). The climate is mild in the spring, the expression "it's sunny several times a day" can also be used in the spring but beware the first sunburn might surprise you!

Quiberon harbour fishing

Harbours in Quiberon

The sardine have been fished for centuries in the waters of Quiberon Bay. The arrival of the railway in 1882 meant the product could be distributed all over the country. The sardines disappeared from the coast for a few years, reappearing in 1909. New canneries opened and prospered. In 1956, Quiberon became the busiest sardine port in France with 13 canneries. Only two remain today, offering a high quality product and genuinely creative ideas. You can visit La Quiberonnaise and la Belle Iloise craft canning.

Quiberon historical heritage

Historical heritage

Located on the tip of Beg er Lann or tip of the Moor, Turpin the castle marks the entrance to the Wild Coast. This mansion Anglo-medieval style was built in 1904 by a spinner Cholet, Georges Turpin who baptized the castle from the sea was then renamed Castle Turpin by Quiberonnais. As always private property, the castle can not be visited but is worth seeing. In Quiberon, you can also find standing stones (on the east side), the washhouse Ragot, tower locmaria, two harbours (Pormaria and Port Haliguen).

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