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Auray and St Goustan harbour

Auray is divided by the river Loc’h that separates the upper town from Saint Goustan harbour. It was once the settlement of the Dukes of Brittany who built the bridge, the port and a château demolished in the 16th century. Between land and sea, Auray is a very nice place to visit. Market day is on Monday. It takes place in town center and is always very busy. In town center you can visit very nice churches such as St Esprit, Ste Hélène and Père Eternel. Tourist office is in rue du lait, in town center.

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Ste Anne d'Auray

Sainte-Anne d’Auray is the spiritual capital of Brittany. The history of Sainte Anne d’Auray sanctuary allegedly started in the 17th century when Yves Nicolazic, a pious local ploughman started to have apparitions of Sainte Anne. During one of her apparitions, Sainte-Anne requested that he built a chapel. The building’s church tower reaches 75 meters. It is a combination of neo gothic and Renaissance style. The sanctuary includes several monuments: the basilica, the cloister, the miraculous fountain, the WWI memorial, and the Pope John Paul II space, was set up for his visit on September 20, 1996. You will find miscelleanous information at

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