Free WiFi access around the reception

Free Internet access at the campsite in Carnac

WiFi at the campsite in Carnac

Free WiFi access

Around the reception, you can connect thanks to our free WiFi access. Smartphone or laptop, you can connect any of your device to the Internet, even when you're on holiday in France!

WiFi in our rentals

WiFi (extra)

If you want to connect to our WiFi from your static or your caravan, you can choose one of these extras: Wifi Access 1 device 7 days: 10 euros Wifi Access 1 device 1 or 2 days: 5 euros Wifi Access 4 devices 7 days: 35 euros

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  • Tél: 00 (33) 2 97 52 16 18 8h-19h  Monday to Saturday
  • By Email
  • By post: 71 route du Moustoir 56340 CARNAC France

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