Mini farm in camping Le moustoir at Carnac

Goats, pig, ducks, ponies, rabbits, chickens, donkey...

Mini farm at camping le moustoir in carnac


Or children are keen on feeding our ponies (Kiwi, Obélix, Simay, Bam Bam and Utopia). Bam Bam is probably the new camping pop star as he's always shown on our guests pictures. We need you to look after your children to make sure they respect our mini farm safety rules. They can feed our goats but after having read very carefully their diet's schedule on the board.

Mini farm and animals camping le moustoir à carnac

No extra

You have to pay to ride a gyropode or our ponies. Feeding our goats Facebook and Galette, our pig, ponies, donkey, ducks, chickens and rabbits is free. Don't forget to keep your old French stick or some leftovers of vegetables. They're so greedy with bread, carrots or others depending on their daily diet.

Mini ferme au camping le moustoir en sud bretagne

Useful advice

Ducks are living in a closed area, not far away from the playground and multisports pitch, at the end of the campsite. Ponies, donkye, pig, goats and others are living quite close to the indoor swimming pool. If you or your children like animals, two different zoos are less than 1 hour drive from the campsite.

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