Zip wire at the campsite, in Carnac

Big fun on the trees top!!

Zip wire at camping le moustoir in carnac


Our zip wire is 400m long and divided in different paths. For safety reasons, you start on a very short line, good for beginners. Then, you climb on the first "start" of the main zip wire. Meeting point is down the campsite. The monitor provided you with the harness, gloves and helmet. He will explain you main safety rules. Then you go all together on the zip wire area (landed in the campsite wood).

Zip wire in Brittany south

Price list

The price of this activity is 8 euros per person. It's in operation in July and August. Our monitor is graduated to provide you with good explanations.It's good to have fun but in a safe way. He can speak English but please make sure you understood what he told you. You can book at the reception (in advance if possible).

Zip wire camping moustoir bretagne

Useful advice

You shall wear closed shoes and pants (please avoid as for other sports wearing swimming costume and flip-flops!). Zip wire is a sport so you'd better be healthy to pratice it. Some of the departures are 8m high. It's good fun to practice zip wire but you shall pay attention to the monitor advice.

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