Entertainment in the evening at the campsite

Laughing and laughing and laughing again...

Entertainment camping le moustoir à carnac

Kids shows

Our staff is glad to invite you to our disco party at night (twice a week). You can dance? Time to go now! We also offer different kind of entertainment in the evening. At 6.45p.m, you can come at the bar and answer our entertainer's questions....a few drinks to win and a lot of fun! At 9.30P.M, except on Saturday night, we organise big games or shows for the whole family.


Miss and Mister camping

Our evening events start at 9.30p.m and finish at around 11.00p.m. Sometimes, we organize a special event called "Miss and Mister camping". Many events (only for children) take place during this evening. Our entertainment team is glad to welcome you and help you and your children to win the event!

Entertainment morbihan brittany

Entertainment for families

Our main guests, in July and August, are families. We decided to organize activities both for children and their parents, not only for adults... Our evening events finish at 11.00p.m because our guests want to have a good night at the campsite to have fun again the day after. We can call a cab if you like to have a dinner or else in Carnac at night. You can also have fun in Carnac; further information about Carnac at night: https://www.carnactourism.co.uk/

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