Very rich historical heritage in Brittany

Churches, museums and exhibitions in the region

The heritage is particularly rich in Brittany. Religious buildings, museums, remarkable sites... you will find below a non-exhaustive list of these places of culture not to be missed during your stay camping in Carnac:

Religious buildings

  • The visit of Pope John Paul II in 1996 to Ste Anne d'Auray attests to the important presence of the Church in Brittany. The sanctuary of Ste Anne d'Auray (basilica, cloister and other buildings) is a must in the region.
  • In the Auray region, there are so many religious buildings that there is an association "Détour d'Art" which offers you many itineraries to discover these chapels and churches around Auray. More information by visiting their website:
  • The cathedral of Vannes is also to be seen during your visit in this pretty city (the ramparts, the port, the old Vannes, the peninsula of Conleau...).


  • The Musée de la Marine in Port Louis is located on a Vauban citadel, a particularly magnificent place steeped in history: Sauvetage en mer, stories of underwater archaeologists on the road to India, it is a whole piece of history that is taking shape before your eyes!
  • Just next door, you will find the museum of the India Company. Temporary and permanent exhibitions, workshops to discover these jewels of the History of the Compagnie des Indes.
  • Museum of prehistory in Carnac, the first museum in the world for megalithism. It will allow you to understand the archaeological sites of the region. You will also find exhibitions (currently Marthe and St Just Péquart)
  • Ecomusée de St Dégan which offers you a real trip to the Pays d'Auray of yesteryear. Located in Brec'h, this site for the general public will be adapted for children.
  • Domaine de Kerguehennec.... Not to be missed!!! Find many exhibitions, discover the estate, stroll in the gardens... Plus d'infos ici
  • The Ker, new in 2016 in Vannes. A unique and entertaining exhibition, a true journey through the history of Brittany. Relive a naval battle between the Venetians and the Roman legions...
Breton heritage in Morbihan
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