Tide times in Carnac, La Trinité sur Mer, Quiberon and Étel

Remember to check the tides before you go fishing !

Tides are of paramount importance in our region. Indeed, seascapes are totally different between the low and high tides, especially during high coefficient tides (above 90). In this case, strong currents are created in some places (entrance to the Gulf, Lorois Bridge on the Étel river, etc.) because thousands of litres of salt water flow back and forth in one direction and then in the other.

For fishing on foot, we recommend that you start fishing one hour before low tide. Always be careful not to be surprised by the rising waters. Although the local tides aren't as quick as those near St Michael's Mount, the area is very flat and the sea may rise relatively quickly.

For sea fishing, everything will depend on the fishing spot. Some people prefer fishing just between the end of the downing tide and the beginning of the rising tide. And on the other hand some people will favor the last moments of the rising tide. It's up to you to try and make your own opinion !

By following the link below, you will find the tide schedules, day after day. The differences between Quiberon, Carnac, La Trinité sur Mer and Étel are minimal. On the other hand, there's an almost two-hours delay between the entrance of the Gulf of Morbihan and the bottom of it (Vannes, Arradon, Senna) !

Tides in Carnac : Timetable

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