Plouharnel, Etel, Houat and Hoëdic islands

Fishing, surfing and hiking around Carnac in south Morbihan

Surfing plouharnel morbihan

Surfing in Plouharnel

Plouharnel is a 5 to 10 minutes drive from the campsite. Escaping to the nearby islands of Belle-Ile-en-Mer,Houat and Hoëdic is a call from the open sea and an irresistible desire to ride the wave. The wave which brings fantastic sensations to surfers from all over the world who are fans of the Sainte Barbe and Crevettes surfing spots! The exhilarating waltz of the land yachts skim the seafoam and enchant the dunes. Further information at

Fishing in Etel

Etel and its ria

Etle used to be a famous sardines fishing harbour. Fishing remain very important in all inhabitants heads but more in a leisure way than a job. In this area, you can fish gilthead bream, sandbass (less and less...) and conger eels. You can also collect many shells, clams and razor clams. The sandbar of Etel is formed as the tide rises or withdraws. Sometimes the breaking waves along the mouth make the sandbar impassable. The lighthouse at the entrance guides the boats to get through the pass. Legend says that it was a woman, who seeking revenge on the inhabitants of Etel threw a handful of sand into the Ria, thus forming the famous sandbar.

houat and hoedic island camping in brittany

Houat and Hoëdic

Houat and Hoëdic will let you go back to real nature easily. Hiking, fishing or just soaking in the sun, that's what it's all about in these islands. They're quite easy to reach form Quiberon or even other harbours in the gulf of Morbihan. You can find amazing quiet sandy beaches, facing the ocean, sheltered from the winds when you choose the right one. Less than a mile at its widest, Houat has more than 10 miles of coastal paths. Hoëdic is a smaller island (1.5 miles long, less than half a mile wide. Fort houses and neolithic sites are worth seeing if you like to visit this island.

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